Fuzzy logic

We just came from the Manila Food and Beverage Expo and found some really wonderful stuff like honey and smoked cheese from Australia, sugar-free biscuits and cookies from Denmark, baking and cooking equipments sold at a discount and cooking demos.  Unfortunately, my condition made me breeze thru all of it without my usual enthusiasm.

Dinner time came and my fuzzy brain figured, if my medicine-numbed palate could still taste food, then the resto should be doing well.  Even when sick, how could I pass up having dinner with Dad at the Hyatt Casino Hotel, Manila.
Here’s the verdict:
I’ve had better roast beef and the grilled vegetable were ok.  The shrimp and vegetable tempura were cooked to order with authentic tempura sauce made up for the disappointing roast.  The noodle with assorted meat balls, bokchoy and green vegetables was not spectacular and I found the broth too salty.  I’d say the saving grace would be dessert.  I started with some fresh yellow mangoes which were sweet together with some seedless grapes followed by orange flavored zabaglione on poached egg whites and finally a pot of hot green tea.
Blame it on poor cooking or my drug induced numbed palate but I should say service was impeccable. 

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