Turkey Patty Sandwich

My usual breakfast consists of cereal and soymilk, but one morning I had turkey patty sandwich. Found the turkey patty on the table, browned in a non-stick pan brushed with very little oil and decided to rummage thru the refrigerator for my sandwich ingredients. I found whole wheat toasts, mayonnaise, ketchup, lettuce and tomatoes. Smeared one of the toasted wheat bread with mayo and the other with ketchup, this supposedly water-proofs the bread from the damp veges and moist filling. Then piled the turkey patty, lettuce leaves and chopped tomatoes. Voila! Turkey patty sandwich paired with hot french-pressed coffee. Perfect perk-me-upper.

Rumor has it that the “sandwich” was named after John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. He favored this type of food because it allowed him to continue playing cards while eating.  I agree.  I sometimes go thru work uninterrupted with a sandwich in my hand for lunch. Dinner, on the other hand, I reserve for the enjoyment of food and company. 

To buy whole turkey, frozen cuts and processed turkey meat contact:
Herbest Meat Products
Glenn B. Quizon – 0917-8126429
Prime Quizon – 0917-8833040


One Response to “Turkey Patty Sandwich”

  1. i so totally agree that the turkey patty will be the next happening thing. since i have been allergic to anything with eggs, i was very happy to learn that this type does not have any eggs at all. i liked their kiddie burger patties, very tasty. my twelve-year-old son and his friends enjoyed munching on their mini burgers during a hanging-out time at home. i also love the idea that we are eating a HEALTHY burger. we can eat as much as we want…which reminds me, i’ve to order patties again…

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