Pandesal 2

I have always had pandesal for breakfast until the advent of the low-carb diets. To lose weight, pandesal was one of the first carbs to go.  But lately, I figured life’s too short to miss out on a few good things like pandesal.  Instead I gave up bottomless iced teas, softdrinks and other sweet drinks to take pandesal again.  I have never been happier.

For a hearty breakfast, I enjoy it with Majestic ham cooked in simple syrup or spicy sardines in oil straight from the bottle mixed with a little mayonaise or scrambled eggs with a little pat of butter or crispy twice cooked adobo rendered of fat or just plain “mahu” (pork floss) sandwiched in between. Paired with a cup of french-pressed coffee is perfection.

I used to buy pandesal from our corner panaderia, Lunar’s, at the corner of Agoncillo and Remedios St. Malate.  My relatives from HK used to order, in advance, 100 pieces to take home with them.  That’s how good their pandesal were.  But when we moved to a new residence, the pandesals of the panderias around us were not as good.  They’re either too small or too wrinkled or too airy and not as appetizing.  

Then I found Pan de Manila’s pandesal.  The smell of pandesal baked in a pugon draws you into their shop.  The pandesal’s light, airy and just the right size, the way I like my pandesal. Open 24 hours, it’s the perfect panderia for me.  

Pan De Manila
Panaderia all over Manila

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