Felix Restaurant

Once in awhile, I have a date with my Dad. We usually go for nice simple meals which are not too rich and not too heavy. Dad has a small appetite but a palate for taste buds. He enjoys tasting, eating a little of everything and leaves the rest for us to finish (diet out the door…).

I decided to bring him to Felix Restaurant, where I’ve had dinner previously with friends, and found the food well prepared and delicious. The staff were attentive and cordial, and the ambiance of the place soothing. Except, that night, a guest was taking photos with his camera flash on and it was very distracting.

I ordered Cordero which was braised lamb ribs with herbed potatoes and buttered vegetables. The lamb was deliciously falling off the bones and the serving was more than I can finish. I’ve always enjoyed the combination of lamb with rosemary.

Dad had Samurai which was grilled salmon (?) served on top of a bed of vegetables, tofu and taro chips. The fish was perfectly fork tender and the vegetables gave texture to the dish. Soft fish, crunchy taro.

To cap off dinner we shared a dessert of Isamu, aka crepe samurai to me, which was layers of mangoes sandwiched between crepes with egg custardy sauce and baked till golden brown. (I used to make them but now prefers to buy them) I would have preferred it with more mangoes and sauce, but Dad liked it the way it was.

We both enjoyed our dinner and looked forward to another date together.

Felix Restaurant
G/F Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel: 7299062 ; 4960705


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