24 Hours in Cebu 3

Dinner was at Spice Fusion which offers south east asian cuisine that ranges from Singaporean to Malaysian, from Thai to Indonesian, from Indian to Chinese.

For starters, we ordered Roti with Curry Sauce.  Roti was light and crisp with a sweet buttery taste that a perfect compliment to the rich curry sauce.
Next was Fried Calamari with Thai Chili sauce with a twist. I can taste bagoong and sweet syrup which makes the sauce salty and sweet with a kick.  Very interesting.
Fried Tofu with Peanut Sauce.  Tofu was soft and silky like japanese tofu but the sauce I found to be on the sweet side for my taste.  I would hazard a guess that the peanut sauce was made using ground peanut with sugar, that one buys in a chinese deli store used in fresh lumpia.  Hence the sweetness in it.
Siomai, which the kids loved and I found to be quite good, was very meaty with very little fat and yet rather juicy.  Of course, I ate mine with a dallop of chili sauce.
Tom Yang Soup, spicy and rich with lemon grass and ginger to taste.  Just the way I like it. I enjoyed the soup more than the ingredients.
Nasi Goreng.  Unfortunately, I seldom eat rice and this dish did not resonate with me.
Coffee Infused BBQ Pork Belly was a pleasant surprise.  Imagine bbq pork belly but instead of the usual calamansi, soysauce marinade that’s salty and tangy, this bbq was smokey and heady with a java after taste.  I would have preferred it spicier but that’s just me.  Very good.
Spice Fusion
South East Asian Fusion
Banilad Town Center
Cebu City


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