Floating Island Restaurant

Floating Island Restaurant is the place to eat when I’m in Makati Medical Center, whether it’s for a check-up or visiting, lunch or dinner. It used to be located on the 3F, “floating” above the ramp towards the lobby entrance. Today, it’s on the 1F of the new wing, all brown woodsy interior with Lavazza coffee station by the entrance.

My favorite dish was the Crispy Pata (Deep Fried Marinaded Pork Knuckles) with kalamansi soy sauce. The skin was super crackly and the meat fall-off-the-bone tender. Eaten with steaming hot rice, perfection.

I had lunch with my mom and two aunts. All seniors. All watching their cholesterol level. No Crispy Pata for lunch.

Spying around what others were eating, I saw a dish of vegetables in saffron colored sauce and bagoong on the side. Kare-kare! vegetarian version, pescetarian with the bagoong. But I’m not a vegetarian nor a pescetarian but I would definitely order this Vegetable Kare-kare again. With another order for take-out.

Floating Island Restaurant
1/F Makati Medical Center
Amorsolo St.
Legaspi Village


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