Patio Guernica Restaurant

I remember when Guernica used to be located near the Remedios Circle. It was a special treat when I was invited to dine with the adults then. I would watch in awe everytime the waiter prepared the Ceasar’s Salad by the table, rubbing the garlic along the inside of the wooden bowl, mashing the anchovies, separating the eggs and slowly pouring in the oil to the yolk while beating. He then tossed in the greens, coating each leaf with the dressing and finally, a sprinkle of bacon bits, cheese and croutons to crown the “Ceasar”.

Then the waiter would bring in the paella, whether it’s a Valenciana or Marinara, I would try them both. Even the Negra. I was an adventureous eater even way back then.I remembered having the gambas and the mushrooms as appetizers but the Paellas and Ceasar’s Salad would alway be my favorite.

Today, Guernica’s under new management and a new home. Taking into consideration the mall location, the ambiance’s almost the same, old world with a modern twist. The Ceasar’s Salad preparation was a joy to watch and the Paella Valenciana was as delicious as I remembered.

I would definitely come back and be invited again to dine with, now, the seniors.

Patio Guernica Restaurant
2F South Wing 
SM Mall of Asia
Bay Blvd. Pasay City


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