Cupcake Guru

Last Sunday, while I was picking thru th carcasse of my ginataang alimasag, my cousin begged me to teach her daughther and nieces dark chocolate cupcakes and chewy dark choco chip cookies. I was so flattered and nervous at the same time. Flatterd coz my dream of becoming the next nigella lawson, ina garten, martha stewart came forth. nervous coz how do you teach a group of school kids baking. I never done both before, being a celebraty and a teacher.

well, armed with my armada of kitchen gadgets, I willingly followed my abductor and headed to her house. Taught the kids to baked and felt wonderfully great. I remembered when I was their age, watching an aunt bake and seeing magic. ingredients transformed into delectable treats and now i’m passing on my knowledge to the next generation.

omg, i feel old ahem mature. Here’s to teaching


2 Responses to “Cupcake Guru”

  1. congrats to the next nigella! 🙂

  2. thewingedpalate Says:

    Thanks Smarla 😀

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