Congee after Taichi…

Day 2 of Wu-style 108 Taichi Chuan class and I have made progress…102 moves to go.

But what I look forward to the most is the session after class. Apparently, it is customary for the Uncles to dine together after Taichi session and just enjoy food.  Dinner for the past two sessions have been in Golden Fortune Restaurant along T.M. Kalaw St. Manila.

Day 1 was an exotic, as far as I’m concerned, shabu shabu hot pot dinner of lightly fried taro, japanese corns, fresh shrimps, fat female crabs, pork blood cubes, thinly sliced pork liver, clams, thinly sliced elephant clam, fresh made shrimp balls, fish balls, thinly sliced pork belly, asst. greens and vermicelli. Dipping sauce was a mixture of soy stock, sate sauce, chopped scallions, julienned ginger, minced garlic and a splash of black vineger.  Dipping sauce was surprisingly good, salty with a bit of a tang. After all the ingredients were given a good dunking, the soup base was so deliciously rich that the vermicelli just soaked up the flavor.  A delicious finale to a wonderful meal.

Last nights fare was simplier.   Home-style bottom-less plain congee served with bamboo shells in tausi chili sauce, breaded tofu stew, tausi spareribs, the classic congee partner scrambled egg with dried raddish and, the highlight of the evening, preserved olives and mustard leaves. It’s a pesto like sauce in a bottle, with a more pronounced olive taste. Perfect mixed into plain congee, which I could eat as it is.  Tried it mixed into steaming hot white rice and it was equally delicious.  Should be available in Chinatown’s grocery stores.

The past two sessions were perfect motivations for me to pursue taichi and I look forward to attending next weeks sessionS.


2 Responses to “Congee after Taichi…”

  1. Byron Omboy Says:

    Hi. I’m also a practitioner of Wu Taichi 108. Where are you practising? Are push hands covered in the curriculum or just the forms?
    – Byron (DLSU Mech Eng’g)

    • thewingedpalate Says:

      Hi, so glad to find a fellow Wu Taichi practitioner. I go to Fo Guang Shan Temple, which is right in front of Century Hotel Pablo Ocampo St. every tues and thurs 7-9pm. Try to inquire if the schedule’s still the same. It’s been a while since I’ve been there.

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