Sambal Chili Sauce

Auntie Renee from Singapore taught me how to make Sambal Chili Sauce, way back when, with some very easy to find ingredients. You only need minced garlic, minced shallots, minced chilies, finely grated lemon grass stalk, freshly squeezed calamansi juice, shrimp paste.

Heat enough oil, to cover all ingredients, in pan. Saute shallots until fragrant. Add in garlic and cook until slightly brown. Add Chilies and cook until mixture smells delicious. Add in lemon grass, calamansi juice and shrimp paste. Season with salt and pepper.

Cook with crab to make Singaporean Chili Crab or like Auntie Renee, as is with creamy durian and piping hot rice. Spicy!
#recipe #singapore #chili

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