Celebrity Chef Audition

Auditioned for a celebrity chef challenge and was star-struck or should I say star-chef-struck.  One of the judge was Chef Anna Olson, who happens to be one of my favorite chef on tv.  Her Swedish Butter Cake’s my all time favorite cake to bake. http://thewingedpalate.tumblr.com/post/3373664328/my-favorite-cake-to-bake-anna-olsons-swedish

I was eliminated on my first go but I had fun.  It was a MasterChef like Pressure test where we were asked to make and plate an omelette in 8 minutes.  Boy, was I trembling. The judges were walking around checking on our progress while someone’s calling out the time.  Pressure was on.

Made my omelette with chopped onions, tomatoes and shredded cheese.  Managed to cook and plate a decent looking omelette garnished with parsley leaf and ketchup in 8 minutes. Now I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have added the ketchup… oh well.  Folded my omelette in half and found out proper omelette should be folded in three… what?  I should have remembered the final cook-off in MasterChef Australia 2 between Adam and Callum, it was a pressure test on omelette cooked in 6 minutes.  Omelette was suppose to be perfectly seasoned golden brown on the outside and nicely set on the inside. I got that.  No ketchup. I forgot that.  I guess that’s what pressure does to you. Everything I knew went out the door.

But I must say I function under pressure.  This audition taught me patience, courage, quick thinking/planning and also people skills.  Made a couple of new friends, 2 of whom were short-listed and I’m praying they get a call-back as I pray someone cancels and I get a call-back as well (praying for a miracle).

Till the next cooking challenge.


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