Greek Style Yogurt

I like yogurt but I love greek-style yogurt more.  Greek-style yogurt’s thick and creamy, like eating whipped cream that’s healthy.  One of my favorite brand’s Tamar Valley of Australia.

Greek Style Yogurt

But when I’m back in town and Tamar Valley’s unavailable, I make my own.  It’s so easy.  Just line a strainer with coffee filter, tip a pint or two of plain yogurt (flavored is ok).  Wait for liquid to drain.  Depends on how thick you want your yogurt, about an hour or two.  Return drained yogurt to container and keep refrigerated.

Greek Style Yogurt

For breakfast or afternoon snack, I just take about 1/2 cup of drained yogurt, stir in a teaspoon of honey (or jams/preserves) and voila!  I have my healthy creamy greek-style yogurt.

Honeyed Greek Style Yogurt


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